Quality Engineer (Paper Industry)

Company Name:
IMPACT Search and Placement, LLC
Quality Engineer (Paper Industry)
Department: Manufacturing
Reports To: Operations Manager
Salary: 65-70K
Under the guidance of the Operations Manager, this position is responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining quality assurance plans and systems; evaluating the effectiveness of the organization in meeting quality expectations and developing a team approach in addressing any deficiencies; regularly monitors production and machinery to ensure quality standards are met; investigates customer quality issues by conducting root cause analysis, working with manufacturing, sales, purchasing, and product development staff as necessary; drives the development and implementation of effective corrective actions.
Core Competencies
oAnalytical Decision Making - Core: Uses a logical and systematic approach to accurately analyze
data and make sound decisions in a timely manner.
oInterpersonal Awareness - Core: Know themselves and works to understand others' viewpoints and
recognizes the impact of own behavior on others.
oCollaboration - Core: Working together with a variety of people and groups to accomplish more than
could be accomplished as individuals.
oInitiative & Results - Core: Proactively identifies and acts on problems and opportunities; sets
challenging goals and demonstrates urgency and drive toward achieving them.
oCustomer Service Orientation - Core: Demonstrates a commitment to quality and responsive service
to internal and external customers.

Position Competencies
oCommunication: Delivers clear, effective communication and takes responsibility for understanding
oConcern for Quality: Monitors work, systems, and processes and takes action to ensure that they
meet or exceed standards
oContinuous Development: Improves work processes and builds professional skills and
oProblem Solving: Accurately assesses problems and effectively and efficiently arrives at excellent
oProcess Management: Effectively develops processes and organizes people to get things done
quickly and well.
oSystems Thinking: Prevents problems by continually looking at the whole, identifying patterns, and
considering consequences of actions.

Position Duties and Responsibilities
oManages internal and external NCR program - this includes:
Responding to customers
Initiating internal NCR's
Leading or assisting in root cause analysis
Defining Corrective Actions
Tracking CA's to ensure they are effective
oLeads Quality Management/ISO
Acts as Company Representative - activities include scheduling/performing audits, management reviews, and follow-ups to internal and external audits
Laboratory accreditation activities including maintaining equipment calibration, determining gauge
error, and follow-ups to internal and external audits
Directs the development of and recommends inspection and sampling techniques and quality
control procedures that will ensure the production of finished goods within prescribed specifications
including establishment during R&D activities
Is familiar with and capable of process analysis (6 Sigma, SPC etc.)
oParticipates in customer and supplier visits to the Fulton facility as necessary.
oEffective communication internally and externally
Regularly visits production operations, especially trouble areas; ensures product meets all material
Works with external departments as required
Encourages team work and open communication to solve problems and address concerns
Effectively communicates expectations and drives employee accountability for meeting those
Promotes management and employee involvement in the process using employee communication
oRecommends, manages and participates in continuous improvement efforts related to safety,
process effectiveness, product improvement, and cost. Utilizes cross-functional teams when

Position Measures of Effectiveness
oCustomer value and customer satisfaction scores.
oTesting cycle time.
oEvidence of use of quality assurance data to further process improvement efforts in the plant (by
operating teams).
oInternal customer satisfaction with Quality Assurance organization.
oAccuracy of quality assurance information.
oMaintenance of ISO certification and lab accreditation
Position Educational Requirements

Must have a BS undergraduate degree in Engineering with five plus years of QA/manufacturing experience; excellent oral and written communication skills are essential. Must be conversant with ISO9001 and other QA standards.

For immediate response please email your resume to: Larry@impact-tqr.com

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