Maintenance Manager/Plant Electrical Engineer (Paper Industry)

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Maintenance Manager/Plant Electrical Engineer (Paper Industry)
Department: Manufacturing
Reports To: Plant Manager
Salary: 90-98K
Under the direction of the Plant Manager, this position is responsible for engineering support for all facility processes including design and maintenance of all IFIX systems, PLC's, Drives, Controls and programs. This position is also responsible for identification, design and implementation of new processes and capabilities resulting in significant improvements in production capabilities and efficiencies. This position will also provide technical support to other facilities as required.

This job provides the leadership, direction and coordination for activities within the maintenance and storeroom departments in addition to providing engineering services for the Plant. This position
is responsible for the development and achievement of "key performance metrics" in the Plant
Maintenance Department.

Core Competencies
oInitiative & Results - Core: Proactively identifies and acts on problems and opportunities; sets
challenging goals and demonstrates urgency and drive toward achieving them.
oCustomer Service Orientation - Core: Demonstrates a commitment to quality and responsive service
to internal and external customers.
oAnalytical Decision Making - Core: Uses a logical and systematic approach to accurately analyze
data and make sound decisions in a timely manner.
oInterpersonal Awareness - Core: Know themselves and works to understand others' viewpoints and
recognizes the impact of own behavior on others.
oCollaboration - Core: Working together with a variety of people and groups to accomplish more than
could be accomplished as individuals.

Position Competencies
oCommunication: Delivers clear, effective communication and takes responsibility for understanding
oOwnership: Demonstrates a personal commitment to the success of the organization
oSafety Awareness: Takes responsibility for modeling and managing safety standards
oProblem Solving: Accurately assesses problems and effectively and efficiently arrives at excellent solutions.
oSystems Thinking: Prevents problems by continually looking at the whole, identifying patterns, and considering consequences of actions.
oTechnical Expertise: Demonstrates a depth of judgment, knowledge and technical skill important for the position
oProduction Efficiency: Completes projects and tasks efficiently and effectively.

Position Duties and Responsibilities
oProvides overall leadership to direct various maintenance crafts and salaried supervisor to attain plant and departmental objectives.
oIs responsible for implementation and operation of an effective preventative and predictive maintenance program in order to minimize plant downtime and labor cost.
oResponsible for maintenance engineering projects.
oFacilitates information exchange sessions between employee groups.
oMakes recommendations that will increase productivity and efficiencies in the Maintenance Department.
oAssures appropriate skills/crafts are available at all times to maximize plant uptime and efficiency.
oProvides and recommends training and skill enhancements necessary to develop advanced troubleshooting skills and systems and to ensure compliance with safety and maintenance procedures and practices.
oFacilitates the hiring of outside contractors and engineering services as required. Secures, works with and/or oversees the activities of contractors, consultants and other outside electrical services.
oParticipates with capital projects group to determine project priorities, scope and implementation.
oWorks with and involves the appropriate personnel based on the task/project that is being completed.
oProvides electrical engineering support for maintenance. Work with all supervisory personnel in maintenance and production areas.
oProvides electrical/mechanical engineering leadership for Plant working with all supervisory and production employees in all departments to achieve Plant objectives.
oThis position requires the utilization of hands-on field troubleshooting and state of the art PLC and iFIX interfaces, instrument and electrical systems, to efficiently locate and correct problems.
oAssists in identifying and defining critical issues during the planning, implementation, and production of new processes or capabilities.
oIs available by pager and/or cell phone to answer off-hour technical questions. Is willing to come into the plant to help troubleshoot a late night or weekend problem when necessary.
oAssists in developing project plans and estimating resources and capital required for implementation.
oDetermines and recommends project priorities and schedules to meet the needs of production, maintenance, marketing, and R&D.
oInvestigates equipment and software problems/requirements and makes improvement recommendations to ensure availability and reliability.
oRecommends E&I shop priorities and schedules to meet the needs of production, maintenance, and the general plant.

Position Measures of Effectiveness
oProjects completed on time and meet financial objectives.
oEffective team builder and leader, respected by organization for consistent and timely interaction and knowledge.
oTimely and effective preventative maintenance on all plant equipment, minimal production and maintenance downtime.
oAssures maintenance skills availability
oProduction yield and quality improvements
oPLC and Production Computer up time.
oThe effectiveness of new process implementation, including design and installation time and costs, time spent troubleshooting after installation, and quality of product produced.
oDevelopment of skill set of the Maintenance Department
oEnvironmental compliance as measured by internal testing and agency regulation adherence
oReduced incident rate and worker's compensation costs

Position Educational Requirements
oRequires knowledge of the papermaking production process; detailed knowledge in the design and maintenance of all production computer related equipment, HMI programming, SQL database programming, and networking; oral and written communication skills; PLC ladder logic programming ability.
Requires a formal educational background in the field of Electrical Engineering with a minimum of 5 to 7 years related experience.

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