SAP MRP/GPD Consultant

Company Name:
Project Description:
The client is a very large discrete manufacturing company within the A&D industry. They have recently gone live with SAP ECC 6 on a full implementation. They are having some serious issues around there manufacturing scheduling and now need an extremely high-level SAP MRP consultant with GPD experience.

Day to Day Responsibilities:
On a daily basis, the consultant hired will immediately be walking in as the SAP MRP/GPD Solution Architect. They will be taking a leadership role on this and future projects. They will be walking into a current fine-tuning and system rescheduling project. They will act as the functional solution architect and will be in charge of all fresh and reconfiguration of the MRP/GPD platforms.

The consultant hired should have several other projects were they acted as the lead/solution architect on an MRP/GPD client for other A&D costumers. Within MRP, the consultant hired should be extremely well versed in scheduling within a discrete manufacturing environment. The consultant hired will also have previous project experience with GPD.

From a technical background perspective, the consultant hired should have 10+ years of functional SAP MRP experience and several projects with GPD. They should be a seasoned A&D professional with extensive experience working on scheduling projects.

Required Skills:
SAP MRP-10+ years
GPD Project Experience
A&D Industry Experience
MRP/Scheduling Project Experience

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